A blog on poetic verses. Beautifully-written literary pieces, poesies, and excerpts that make you feel as if your brain is flowering.

My favorite poem

  1. My heart has more rooms than a whorehouse.

     — Gabriel García Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera
  2. One doesn’t know quite what it is that one wants to get off the chest until one’s got it off.

  3. In the great green room, there was a telephone
    And a red balloon
    And a picture of a cat jumping over the moon…

     — Margaret Wise Brown, “Goodnight Moon”
  4. Hey, where did we go,
    days when the rains came?
    Down in the hollow,
    playing a new game.
    Laughing and a-running, hey, hey,
    skipping and a-jumping
    in the misty morning fog with
    our hearts a-thumping
    and you, my brown-eyed girl.

     — Van Morrison, “Brown-Eyed Girl”
  5. It’s just me throwing myself at you,
    romance as usual, us times us.

     — Alice Fulton, “Claustrophilia”